Winton SuperSprint

May 25, 2019

Winton SuperSprint

Sunday 26 May

Awesome job by our Super-Sub, Chris Pither to bring the #33 car home in 14th. James Golding had a really good race, running inside the top 12 after 2 stops. Unfortunately, he ran off after the restart while sitting in 10th, rejoining to finish in P19!

Race 14

Chris Pither: P14

James Golding: P19

Winner:  Scott McLaughlin


James Golding: P16 – 1:19.9009

Chris Pither: P25 – 1:20.7695

Fastest:  Scott McLaughlin – 1.18.5233

Practice 2

James Golding: P23 – 1:20.2417

Chris Pither: P24 – 1:20.4822

Fastest:  Scott McLaughlin – 1.18.9202

Neck issues force Stanaway out of Sunday at Winton

Chris Pither will step in for regular Boost Mobile Racing Driver, Richie Stanaway on Sunday at the Winton Supersprint. Ongoing neck issues are hampering Richie’s performance in the car, and after struggling in todays race, he has decided that in the best interest of his health, not to compete on Sunday.

“Obviously really disappointed, it wasn’t a decision that I wanted to make. I tried to deal with it today, but unfortunately its too severe an issue to keep going, especially tomorrow with the longer race. We’ve all decided that its the best thing to do for myself and for the team. I’ll get an MRI on Monday and find out whats wrong so I can fix it as soon as possible. I don’t think driving tomorrow will help the situation” – Richie Stanaway.

“It is an unexpected call up to drive the #33 car tomorrow. I feel for Richie, he’s clearly been battling some neck issues. It would have been a hard call for him to make, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Obviously I’ve being thrown into the deep end, having not driven Supercar since Newcastle last year. I’ll give it 100%, and do my best for Boost Mobile Racing” – Chris Pither.

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Saturday 25 May

Race 13

James Golding: P18

Richie Stanaway: P25

Winner: Scott McLaughlin

James had a promising start, sitting up inside the 10, however he struggling car setup and balance, ultimately finishing up in 18th.  

“Just went the wrong way with setup. We took a guess at it due to the lack of dry running and unfortunately struggled throughout the race” – James Golding

Richie had a tough race, and copped a penalty for contact, finishing in P25. #BoostMobileAUS


James Golding: P9 – 1:21.8725

Richie Stanaway: P18 – 1:31.4518

Fastest: Chaz Mostert – 1:20.6224

Practice 1

Richie Stanaway: P15 – 1:20.9273

James Golding: P23 – 1:21.2909

Fastest:  Chaz Mostert – 1:19.6424



Saturday 25 May

9:20 – 9:50 – Additional Drivers

10:40 – 11:20 – Practice 1

13:20 – 13:20 – Qualifying Part 1

13:25 – 13:35 – Qualifying Part 2

13:40 – 13:50 – Qualifying Part 3

15:50-16:53 – Race 13 (120kms / 40 Laps)

Saturday 26 May

9:20 – 9:50 – Practice 2

11:10-11:20 – Qualifying Part 1

11:25-11:35 – Qualifying Part 2

11:40-11:50 – Qualifying Part 3

13:45 – 15:28 – Race 12 (200kms / 67 Laps)



Friday 24 May

Corporate Centre Winton Motor Raceway @ 18:15

Saturday 25 May

Merchandise Truck @ 8:45

Sunday 26 May

Merchandise Truck @ 8:15



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